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Generous Support for Expanded Breast Cancer Services

On March 14, the General Hospital Breast Health Center opened its doors to provide patients with a new, centralized location for all breast health services, including imaging, treatment, genetic counseling, surgery and follow-up.

This new facility was supported by funds raised at last November’s second annual Celebrate General Hospital Gala to benefit General Hospital’s nationally recognized comprehensive cancer services. The record $1.4 million raised has also helped fund the purchase of advanced, lifesaving technology with the addition of three new 3-D mammography screening units and two new surgical robots.

“Donor support truly makes a significant difference in the lives of our cancer patients,” says Carly Benson, executive director of cancer services. “We have already treated patients whose breast cancer would not have been detected without the breakthrough 3-D mammography technology. And the surgical robots enable our physicians to operate on patients more precisely and efficiently than ever before, so we’re seeing even more positive outcomes, faster recovery and better quality of life.”

“It’s really exciting to have the most advanced imaging technology available,” says Renate Dell, supervisor of outpatient imaging. “And now the added convenience of having all of our breast health services in one location makes it even easier for our patients to get highly accurate mammograms, along with other additional services they might need.”

New Psychiatric Emergency Department Meets Growing Need for Mental Health Services

In recent years, General Hospital’s Emergency Department has seen a sharp increase in the number of patients needing psychiatric emergency care.

For patients in crisis with conditions such as anxiety, depression, psychosis or substance abuse, the hustle and bustle of the traditional Emergency Department may be overwhelming.

To better meet patients’ needs, General Hospital opened the Psychiatric Emergency Department on Jan. 17, 2017, a special unit within the Emergency Department at General Hospital.

“We have seen so many patients who need this psychiatric emergency care,” says Bart Charleson, MD, chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine. “We felt we had a responsibility to offer these specialized services.” He notes that General Hospital’s Emergency Department treats about 475 behavioral health patients each month.

With 11 private treatment rooms, the Psychiatric Emergency Department offers high quality, personalized emergency mental healthcare 24/7. The unit provides a quiet and secure space, with rooms that have minimal equipment and are designed for the safety of patients.

Care for behavioral health patients is enhanced by specialized psychiatric emergency units because they are staffed by trained specialists who can effectively and efficiently evaluate and treat patients experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

The Psychiatric Emergency Department’s providers and staff are able to quickly determine the level of inpatient or outpatient care that a patient might need. Additionally, the unit’s staff collaborates with community agencies to ensure continuity of care for patients.

“We saw a need, and we’re addressing it in ways that help save lives and enhance patient health,” says Gerry Khan, MD, chair of the Department of Psychiatry. “We are thrilled to offer this unique service.”

Psychiatric Emergency Department
• 24/7 personalized care
• Safe, protected environment
• 11 private treatment rooms
• Trained behavioral health specialists
• Continuity of care